The new chassis BMW 7 Series was introduced in its seventh generation. The G70 coded 7 series, which comes across with a completely different design identity, has a long criticism. In the first place, the 740d xDrive, 750e xDrive and 760e xDrive, and the xDrive60 model with the name i7 will be offered to the user as fully electric. Afterwards, gasoline engine options will be included in the series. The BMW 7 Series said hello to the roads in 1977 with the E23 coded case. The 7 Series, which is the representative of the brand in the F segment, that is, the class we will call the luxury sedan, got its second generation with the code E32 in 1986. The 7 series with the code E38 in 1994, E65 in 2001 and F01 in 2009 was launched. In 2015, the sixth generation G11 coded model, which is currently on the road, hit the roads. Now the new generation is ready to hit the road! The new chassis BMW 7 Series appeared with a wheelbase of 3215 mm, with an increase of 5 mm to its previous ge